Commitment. Agriculture. Leadership. Fellowship. Scholarship.

The object of our fraternity is to build the whole person, to effect bonds of sisterhood and to unify Ceres as a comprehensive entity. Ceres is committed to building qualities of leadership, to building meaningful fellowship, and to building a desire for scholastic achievement. Our commitment to Ceres is predicated on the values and ideals descriptive of a rural environment and offers life-long sisterhood to women with an appreciation of agriculture. Membership in Ceres may at times require the sacrifices of time, pleasures, and comforts.

Ceres ("Series") is the Roman goddess of agricultural fertility. Ceres comes from the word creare, which means "to create". We are a women's fraternity at the University of Alberta and pride ourselves in our commitment to agriculture and each other. 

5 Attributes of a Ceres Member

1. Commitment - To each other and to agriculture

2. Agriculture - Passion for our agricultural backgrounds

3. Leadership - we empower each other

4. Fellowship - Life long friendships

5. Scholarship - academic excellence


Kassi Rinas - President

Edith Peeters - Vice President

Grace Nimco- Secretary

Alyssa Henderson - Member Ed

Jayden Calvert - Treasurer

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