History of Ceres

Every April, Ceres had a festival called Cerealia to celebrate growth. Torches were lit at her festival to represent the magic that protects crops. 

For us, Ceres represents the historical importance of women in agriculture. The number of women involved in agriculture has increased over time. Ceres began as the "little sisters" program in Farmhouse Men's Fraternity. But, in 1984 Farmhouse's Little Sisters achieved a unanimous vote for a women's agricultural fraternity.

On October 12, 1985, nineteen women initiated into the first Ceres International Women's Fraternity at Colorado State University. Soon after, the University of Alberta and California Poly-Pomona had Ceres agricultural fraternities as well!

Our initial chapter folded due to low numbers, but we rechartered in 2005 and became a chapter in 2007.